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Slug ’em UP

Developed at: DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA
API: DirectX
Physics Engine:
Team size: 3 programmers
Duration: 8 months (2010-2011)
Expected conclusion: end of April, 2011
Genre: Driving Shooter
My role: Physics integration, Flocking movement, Minion behavior, UI

Description: This game is a driving shooter where you control a snail equipped with jets, missiles, bombs and a machine gun. As crazy as it sounds, it’s a pretty fun game to play and develop. The snails have minions (slugs) that moves as a flock following you. The project has already changed quite a bit from when we started. We set out to make a platformer using a tank as a hero, and now it is a deathmatch shooter with vehicles. At this point, development is largely being driven by playtesting.






Developed at: DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA
API: DirectX
Team size: 4 programmers
Duration: 4 months (2010)
My role: 2D Physics programming, HUD, and some game logic

Description: Avalanche! is a action/strategy game, where the main objective is to protect the village from big avalanches by building barricades and using fire bursts. Your fire can melt snowballs and repair damaged barricades. You also have turbo to go faster and assist you in collecting coins to build barricades. Avalanches come stronger and bigger with time, so the player needs to catch coins, repair, and build barricades in a strategic way to make the snowballs avoid the village. The climax happens when an avalanche appears in the screen, and the player has the sensation of “OMG, here it comes!”.

Oblimo – RTS Game

Developed at: University of Washington
Language: C# and XNA
Team: One programmer (me), one designer, one artist
Duration: June 2008 to December 2008 (6 months)
My role: Programmed heightmap collision and terrain, unit management system, battle system, formation movement, RTS style controls, enemy AI, particle system, HUD elements, and co-designer.
Game Description: Oblimo is a simple RTS game with 3 miltary units and a builder unit. Rock paper scissors type balancing is used for the military units. It is a simplified RTS in that production buildings produce units by themselves so the player focuses more on battles and territory rather than resource management.